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iWannaboat the harbour office of internet

⚓ iWannaboat, the site of the best nautical classified ads on the internet. Made (in confinement) with passion and determination ❤️ since 2007.

We offer sailors, sailors, amateurs as well as professionals an easy, fast service to display their ads on the internet. Offering the best technologies so that your ads are clear, beautiful, easy to find, easy to browse. Our objectives, our state of mind Easy to use

iWannaboat is simple to use

Whether you are looking for a boat or selling it, we have designed this service to be intuitive, simple to use and easy to understand. The consultation is optimised for use with a computer or smart mobile phone.

Your time is precious, we have designed a service so that you don't waste it! The functionalities proposed are basic, but robust and powerful.

Environmentally friendly

The iWannaboat site is designed to be the lightest, quickest to load and simplest to operate. The aim is to provide you with an efficient and planet-friendly service.

We also wanted the site to work well, even on an old computer or a slightly old telephone. iWannaboat will not row even on a computer that is not state-of-the-art. Also, our pages are light and they should limit the consumption of your 3G as much as possible.

iWannaboat is an eco-designed, sober and frugal digital service to limit its environmental footprint as much as possible.


We do our utmost to ensure that you are exposed to as little canvassing or scams as possible. We do not display your contact details publicly, and in addition to blocking devices for unscrupulous users, we offer a list of tips to urge you to be vigilant.

Questions about iWannaboat Call us at vhf: vhf@iwannaboat.com, we always answer quickly 😉

Contact :

If you want to contact us directly, send a message at : vhf@iwannaboat.com, we always reply !

iWannaboat users All of Fame

Here are the names of those I wish to thank. iWannaboat a little, (even a lot for some) thanks to them.

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