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The caravel is a collective sailing dinghy for cruising but can also be raced. Voluminous and safe, it is perfect to introduce dinghy sailing to novices.

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Caravelle used
Caravelle used
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Caravelle Autre marque for sale in Douarnenez

Caravelle Autre marque for sale in Douarnenez


Caravelle presentation

History of the Caravelle

The Caravelle was designed in 1953 by Jean Jacques Herbulot. Initially it was a dinghy used to reach an anchorage from the shore with the help of oars or sculling. Then, at the request of the Glénans, a mast and sails were added, making it a sailor's boat, much sought after by sailing schools for the initiation of young sailors during collective sailing trips.

The historical Caravelle has a hull with sharp chines and a bow roller. Plastic caravelles, generally heavier, chubbier and more austere than the wooden versions, have also been produced. It is a good, safe, seaworthy boat that can easily carry 4 crew.

Used Caravelle market

There are not many advertisements and often it is a boat that belongs to clubs or communities rather than to individuals. However, it is a fairly inexpensive dinghy and therefore quite accessible for a family programme for example.

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J-Jacques Herbulot

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Used Caravelle price table

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Caravelle Autre marque for sale in Douarnenez

-1969 18000€